The Artist

Hiya! I’m Krystal. Also known as Totally-Fox, of course! I’m an artist specializing in character design and world-building, but I also like to dabble in several mediums other than just digital art!

Storytelling and writing characters is what I love to do, it brings me immense joy to see my creations come to life and to be able to share that with others. My biggest project I have publicly released to-date is my webcomic “Flair & Bea”. As of right now, I am working on a turn-based RPG called “Binding Light” and plan for that to run for the next several years~

I do currently work a part-time job on the side, but put most of my free time into art when I’m not working. Regardless, I’d like to try and stay as consistent with my work as I can so I can continue to share it with you all!

Business DM’s are preferred, though feel free to reach out for most anything, I won’t bite! As free time is rather limited for me, conversations with several people at a time can be difficult sometimes, so please do just be aware of that if I take long to respond. My days off are Sunday/Monday, and I tend to distance myself from being online during that time. Though I will read through every DM/Comment eventually regardless!