*Commission openings are now very few and far between; I have put much more of my focus into personal projects. Listed Info & TOS still apply*

Commission openings are announced via my Twitter and Discord Server. You may DM me on any of my socials for inquiries, though Twitter is the easiest for this.


  • Average turnaround time is three weeks
  • Please do not send payment to me via friends/family or otherwise unless it is through an invoice I send to you directly with the agreed pricing. Not only is this to follow TOS with Paypal when paying for goods and services, but it helps me keep track of my finances much more easily
  • You will be updated throughout the process to ensure it is to your liking
  • Changes are allowed to the piece. Though after lineart, only minimal changes
    are permitted
  • If the ‘Labels’ used on commissions in queue for “Next to Finish” and “Next in Queue” are not listed on current work, I am working in bulk and have no specific one I am finishing first
  • The label “Early Stages” is used for commissions that I have started working on, though have not gotten to a stage of sending it to the client. Usually means I’m still deciding on the thumbnailing phase, posing, composition, etc.

Terms of Service

==The following is all of my current TOS for doing commissions/business with me. Upon commissioning me, you automatically agree to the following guidelines. These guidelines are subject to change/updates. These are the exact same TOS as found on my Trello and Discord.==

Your piece/artwork will NOT be started until full payment is received. An invoice will be sent by me ASAP for the agreed price with no due date. I will reach out if payment is not made, and am willing to wait for paychecks/paydays to hit. Only Paypal is accepted as a payment method. Also a reminder to please not send me any payment through friends/family, donating, or otherwise. Only send through designated invoices intended for the commission agreed upon. This is to follow PayPal TOS, as well as to properly track my income.

Do not, under any circumstances, initiate a chargeback on PayPal when a refund is in progress or requested. Contact me and I will get it processed ASAP if you meet the requirements.

Understand that I will only take direction/feedback as well as requested edits and/or ANYTHING pertaining to the process of the commission from the client who paid. It is not my job to get feedback from others about your own commission nor have they legally agreed to my TOS in taking the specified commission. Remember, by paying for my service, you automatically agree to everything in my TOS.

Requested edits and changes are permitted to your piece. However, keep in mind that after the lineart/color phase, only minimal edits are permitted. If I find that you are requesting far too many edits, I withhold the right to deny further edits, or in the most extreme of circumstances, withhold the right to cancel your commission.

Understand that I will have my own liberties when it comes to creating your art piece. Yes, direction may still be given and I will do my best to work your idea into a piece, though please do not expect your piece to come out exactly as you see in your head. It is unreasonable to think I will replicate it perfectly through several back/forth edits.

Any work made by myself may not be used in blockchain-related technology or any AI-Generative technology. Including, but not limited to, NFT’s, Cryptocurrency, AI-Generative programs such as StableDiffusion, or future inventions in the space.

Partial payment is allowed in certain circumstances. It will be an initial payment of half the agreed price, with the remainder paid in the lineart/color phase BEFORE final image completion. (Previews will be heavily watermarked for partial payment commissions!)

You must be above the age of 18 to commission ANY NSFW or suggestive artwork. If at ANY point I find out that you are a minor, I will personally cancel your commission. Refund amount varied dependent on amount of work done.

I will very rarely (If at all) take commissions of your character when I’m only given a description. Any references or pictures of them (No matter how rough) help a ton, and I will ask for them. (Reference sheet/character design commissions exempt. In these specific cases, will likely result in additional charge for work.)

I withhold the right to cancel any commission, at any time, for any reason, and give a full refund.

Unless I know you personally and/or we are already friends, please keep personal contact to a minimum. Thank you.

If you need to cancel your commission for whatever reason, PLEASE let me know ASAP and I will help you in any way I can! If I have passed the lineart/color phase of the artwork, no cancellation is accepted. No exceptions.

Understand that I am an adult and that though I do this full time, I also have regular life stuff to attend to. I also have two days off from art-related work, which is Sunday and Monday. You may still reach out to me, but don’t be surprised if I don’t get back to you until Tuesday. That, and I run my own webcomic. So three week turnarounds are an average. Though most should not take any longer than that!