“Flair & Bea” is a Webcomic written and produced by myself. Flair, a dark brown fox, is resident to a planet by the name of Tugur; A rundown dump in a lost corner of the galaxy. Though technology allows for space travel, those who live here have no connection outside their planet system, and thus are unable to leave. The inhabitants of different “Districts” on Tugur are all segregated; Warm-Bloods and Cold-Bloods. The Warm-Bloods live under a Tyranny run by the Cold-Bloods, and tend to live very poor lives. Flair has a personal history with them, and has since kept to herself. Though after running into a bunny by the name of Bea, her whole life takes a turn.


“Flair & Bea” is a webcomic I had started developing in senior year of high school, and I had started releasing pages shortly after graduating! It stands as my first large-scale project ever completed; having been worked on close to 5 years! As would happen with a first-time project like this, I was met with many bumps along the way. I had taken a couple hiatuses that lasted several months due to working 80 hour weeks at my old job, but still pushed through to see it to the end! I’ve learned and grown a lot along the way, and will forever cherish my journey through space with both Flair and Bea~